You may have won this time, but I'll be back!

The journey has been lengthy, full of peaks and valleys, yet here I stand on the other side of my first showing.  Granted it was small, but the costume was not.  I spent a good deal of the event walking sideways. Still I wouldn't trade it!

Sadly, I didn't place, but I am honored to lose to the second-place contestant (See picture below).  How she didn't win it all, I don't know.  First place wasn't bad, but I love a homemade costume and I wasn't sure if his was or not.

This experience taught me a lot.  Yes, the construction, but also the joy it can bring to other people, not just the person wearing the costume.  I was thrilled that people wanted to take a picture of my outfit, the looks were fun, but what floored me were the kids that enjoyed it.  I only scared one little boy and he's fine.  However, the highlight was a little girl about 4 or 5; she came up to me dressed as Belle and said 'I love your dress, it sparkles.'  She giggled, I said thank y…

A Friday Surprise Post!

Tomorrow is the 'big' local con!  One of my minions desired to make their costume, so we did. 

The hat is made of foam sheets, hot glued together.  The purple shirt we found at a thrift store and the tie is a pair of ladies socks sewn and knotted into shape (I suspect it will look better when the shirt is tucked in).  The black pants we already had, for a total cost of around $7.   

Who is the character?   Purple Guy, if you don't know who that is, don't worry I don't either.   But the kid is happy and learned to sew and use a glue gun safely, I am taking the win.

The cosplay seed has been planted into another youngster... *evil laugh*

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Minion Report Monday!! It's almost done.

It's been a fruitful week, I am 95% of the way done with my costume!  From here it's finishing touches and tinkering till Saturday, when it's the local con.  I am pleased with out it turned out, there are areas for improvement but considering I am self taught and thus have no idea what I am doing, I feel good about it.

I am not going to show it on me until the reveal at the con, but it'd be unfair to to tease you with a progress report and not show you the progress.  Here is a one shot, all set up on hangers.

I entered it into it's first contest!  It's an online one, but you have to be in the game to win.

What's next?  I hope to have my bummer article up by Thursday, but I've already started my zombie draft of this to take to the zombie walk.  I suspect next Minion Monday we'll have that to look forward to!

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Progress Report

It's a common occurrence in the online word to do Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesday, now don't think I am knocking this tradition, I just haven't thought of a cute acronym for it yet.  I was thinking maybe Minion Monday?  A minion progress report, but it's Tuesday so I either have to wait another week to post an update or come up with another name.  Thus the generic 'Progress Report' title today, just don't be surprise when I change the name.

On with the show kids, I am elbow deep in rhinestones and Gem-tac!  This weekend I tackled the next part of my Rocketman cosplay/Halloween costume.  With only a couple hours to spare, I finished the dress construction (I'd give it a C, I wish the library group would have worked out so I could have learned how to do it properly).  Nineties weekend began at 5pm and I was ready to jam and gem!

Day one - step one, buy new glue.  Turns out the glue I had planned on using wasn't going to cut it for such a large scale …

I know how this bit goes...

It has begun... although to be fair it started in July, but I am having difficulty getting back into the swing of blogging.  Either way, we are going to pretend that it started here and now... my 2019 Cosplay Halloween greatness!!!

I am not blind without my glasses.  However, I enjoy activities a lot more when I can see what's going on, thus my first hurdle.

I found the perfect pair of glasses on sale for the perfect price of $5!!  Now, I know I can't have prescription lens put into a cheap frame like this, but I still want to see.

I found a pair of glasses I never wore, luckily they were wire frames, and popped the lens out.  Next, I glued the lens to the inside of the plastic heart frames, another stroke of luck they were wide enough!  Let the glue cure overnight and presto I have a pair of glasses I can see through!

For the final touch, I added red gemstones!

Now they are worthy enough to be part of an Elton John themed cosplay.

From here I have to make the suit (it's…

Being a villain doesn't mean checking your heart at the door...

I am a villain and I've embraced it, I hope to one day achieve super villain accreditation.  But being a villain doesn't mean checking your heart at the door.  Wreck it Ralph taught many, that just because you are a bad guy, doesn't mean you are a bad guy.  So when I saw this baby turtle trapped in my stairwell, I launched a full scale rescue, complete with box.

There was no way this little stow away would ever make it back up the stairs.  I suspect he fell or was washed down.

I was required to give him a once over, just in case it was a tumble, other than being gnarly and rank he seemed okay.

I walked him to the back of my property where it's overgrown and down the way there is a stream, he should be good to do all the things turtles do.

  Good luck little dude, may you grow to be a mighty force.

Blends in nicely doesn't he?  I suspect he's a snapping turtle, which combined with the dirt and smell makes him pretty punk rock in my mind.  Not that punks can'…